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How to prepare for your first family photo shoot

As a portrait photographer, one of my favorite photo sessions is when I get to meet with and work with families. I'll be completely honest with you, it's not always like in the movies where everything is perfect but it's the photographers job to make you look the best in your photos. I always take these sessions seriously because at the end of the day these are cherished and memorable moments to look back on once your children grow up and have kids of their own.

My first recommendation before you arrive at the location with your photographer is to make sure the outfits photograph well. Solid colors in my experience always work best(no crazy patterns or logos). The way the camera captures the image and how it ultimately becomes edited and processed can put the photographer at a disadvantage during the editing process if the clothes have stripes and different patterns. As photographers, we want to set you up for success and be in love with the photos we take so all suggestions are for the betterment of the outcome and your satisfaction.

My second recommendation would be to bring any props that you would like to use during the photoshoot. I often times will recommend a blanket for the family to sit on, possibly a toy that the child really likes to both bring comfort to the child and to be remembered in a photograph. This is also a great opportunity to put your creative juices to the test and collaborate with the photographer to let them know a vision you have for using a prop during the session. Anything sentimental to your family also works and adds interest to the photos.

My third recommendation, communicate as much as you can with the photographer. The more detail and ideas of what you are wanting to capture during your shoot will help bring the ideas to life. I will often times recommend to my clients to create a Pinterest board of concepts or at least share screen shots from friends family photo shoots you like to show the photographer.

At the end of the day, as photographers we want to bring the most value and cherished moments to your photos. We want you to look back with fond memories on the work created and continue to work with us in the future. For your next family photo session, book your session now and let's create some amazing work together!


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