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How to prepare for your headshot photography session

When I am giving advice to those who are looking to get a headshot for the first time, I always ask my client what type of aesthetic and vibe they want to go for. Whether young or mature business professional, I might recommend that we decide on a nice suit or dress with a good location to best represent the message you are trying to convey.

Let's be honest, we live in a world where putting your best foot forward is the ideal way to get noticed. The better prepared you are for that dream job and the desire to stand out from the rest, your style and appearance will have a huge impact on how your potential recruiter/corporation takes the next step in considering you for that position.

First of all, I always recommend a nicely trimmed or completely shaven face if you are a male before meeting for your photo session. I also recommend for my female clients, hiring a great stylist or makeup artist will really bring out the best in you for your professional photographs.

For both females and males being photographed, I recommend bringing any kind of accessories that won't be distracting but add to your outfit. A lint roller is also a very necessary item to make sure the suit or dress is completely free of any fibers that will take away from the attention of the subject and will make the photographer's job easier in editing.

Feel free to bring any ideas that you want to communicate to your photographer. Afterall, the photographer wants you to be happy with the final outcome and be represented in the best possible light. The more in-depth you can go with your photographer, the better the ideas will flow and more enjoyable the session.

Last but not least, the attitude and positivity you bring to the photo session will ultimately lead you to be more satisfied in how those images turn out. Don't be afraid to ask your photographer about any suggestions they might have that will add to the great ideas you have to bring to the table. Collaboration and bouncing ideas often times end with the best results.

If you are looking to update your headshots or have them done for the first time, i'd love to chat with you and book your next session. Let's work together and create some of the best images for your professional success.

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